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Unearth Vicksburg's Past– Courtyard By Marriot

Courtyard by Marriott, one of the luxurious room reservations in Vicksburg, MS, seamlessly combines contemporary comfort with the best room reservation experience. This enchanting city, nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, boasts a storied past, meticulously conserved through many museums and historic sites. Among these treasures, The Old Depot Museum stands out.   

This detailed guide will delve into essential information about this captivating museum for those making room booking at Courtyard, Vicksburg. From its historical significance and compelling exhibits to expert advice on maximizing your visit, we've covered all your needs.  

The Old Depot Museum: Reviews & Ratings

The Old Depot Museum in Vicksburg consistently garners positive reviews and an impressive rating of 4.5 stars. Visitors praise its rich collection of historical artifacts and exhibits that vividly showcase Vicksburg's fascinating past. The museum's well-preserved railway station building adds to the charm, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Many reviewers applaud the knowledgeable and friendly staff, who provide insightful information and engaging anecdotes.

The Old Depot Museum: A Glimpse Into History 

The Old Depot Museum is a veritable repository of the region's history, housed within a meticulously maintained historic railroad depot that dates back to 1898. It is evidence of Vicksburg's critical position as a thriving transportation hub and its essential involvement during the Civil War.  You'll find a variety of exhibitions and antiques within its walls. It gives an exceptional opportunity for visitors to gaze into history's rearview mirror and become wholly engrossed in the city's vibrant past. Mark this museum as an indispensable addition to your itinerary.  


The Old Depot Museum's exhibits are designed to engage and educate visitors about Vicksburg's diverse history. Here are some highlights:  


The Fall Of Dixie Diorama 

The Vanishing Glory 

Boats And Ships 

Model Railroads 

Vicksburg's Past 


1. The Fall Of Dixie Diorama  

You will encounter a remarkable exhibit within this museum, the sole diorama dedicated to the Siege of Vicksburg. With almost 2,000 tiny troops carefully placed throughout, this display provides a top-down view of a battleground that spans around 250 square feet. To comprehend the Siege of Vicksburg, one must understand the topography, the methods of the commanding officers, and the resilience of the people who braved the terrible 47-day Siege. 

2. The Vanishing Glory  

The 30-minute cinematic presentation provides a profound journey into the past, allowing you to intimately connect with the experiences, emotions, and perspectives of the individuals who were participants, victims, or found themselves amid the most significant military campaign in world history. By recounting diaries, letters, and firsthand accounts, you can deeply feel the exhaustion, apprehension, and unwavering courage and bravery displayed by individuals on either side of the battle lines during the grueling 47-day Siege.  

3. Boats And Ships  

The creators behind the "Great Ships" series on the History Channel extensively utilized the collections for their program and referred to them as a "treasure trove." A visit to the Old Depot Museum is essentially a journey through military and maritime history annals. Here, vessels and boats long faded into obscurity are meticulously resurrected in precise replicas, breathing new life into their stories.  

4. Model Railroads  

Much of the Old Depot Museum is devoted to the railroad industry, showcasing detailed N, O, and HO scale layouts encompassing buildings, scenic landscapes, and architectural elements.  

5. Vicksburg's Past  

While many of these architectural gems have vanished with time, the Old Depot Museum expertly encapsulates diverse and historically significant architectural styles, ranging from modest shanties to opulent mansions. A fascinating series of three distinct model makers will guide you through a virtual journey of old Vicksburg, a unique experience only made possible by exploring our extensive collection.  

Museum Hours  

Before heading to The Old Depot Museum, checking its operating hours is essential. The museum generally follows these hours:  

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 

Exploring Vicksburg Historic District  

Hotel Room Reservations in Vicksburg

Vicksburg's historic district is a treasure trove of historic sites, charming architecture, and scenic views. Some nearby attractions you might want to explore while staying at Courtyard, Vicksburg, include:  

1. Vicksburg National Military Park  

An essential destination for those interested in the Civil War, this park showcases an array of monuments, well-preserved historic trenches, and a visitor center that provides invaluable perspectives on the pivotal Battle of Vicksburg.  

2.Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum  

Learn about the history of Coca-Cola in a charming museum that was once the first place to bottle the beverage.  

3. Mississippi River Overlook  

Stroll along the riverfront for stunning views of the Mississippi River and the historic bridges.  

Enjoying Your Stay At Courtyard By Marriot  

While learning about the history of Vicksburg, stay in our luxury hotel for a comfortable and convenient experience. Several factors indicate that you will have a pleasant stay:  

Modern Amenities

The hotel features top-notch amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, meeting rooms and a business center. 

Central Location

The Courtyard's central location ensures convenient access to the city's points of interest, including The Old Depot Museum. 

Comfortable Rooms

Relax in spacious and well-appointed rooms, ensuring a restful stay after a day of exploration. 

Indoor Swimming Pool

Dive into relaxation at Courtyard's indoor swimming pool. Enjoy year-round comfort and a refreshing swim during your stay, perfect for unwinding and staying active.

Fitness Center

Elevate your fitness routine at Courtyard's state-of-the-art fitness center. Equipped with modern amenities, it's the ideal place to maintain your well-being while traveling. Stay active, stay healthy.

It's A Wind-Up  

Embarking on a journey through The Old Depot Museum and Vicksburg's historical treasures is a rewarding experience, providing a window into the city's storied past. While staying at Courtyard, one of the best room bookings in Vicksburg, MS, you have the unique chance to blend contemporary comforts with an immersive historical exploration seamlessly.    

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2. Are There Meeting Rooms At Courtyard?  

Yes, Courtyard by Marriot has meeting rooms to cater to corporate needs.  

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