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Explore The City's Offbeat Attractions With Courtyard's Comfiest Rooms In Vicksburg, MS

If you're an explorer, you'd want to take advantage of Vicksburg's peculiar and rad tourist spots. Although the city name doesn't strike a bell as unconventional, we'll change your mind with the checklist of odd areas to visit here. However, all that fun requires the best endings with the coziest luxury hotels in Vicksburg, MS, at Courtyard by Marriott.  
While we arrange for your elegant accommodation, you can scour Vicksburg's hidden and trendy spots. You'll get insights into the city's enchanting areas, leaning into recreation, culture, food, and education. After comprehending how Courtyard forms the perfect base, let's get into the list of these quirkiest spots.

Courtyard By Marriott: Your Regal Stay In The City 

Your regal stay

Before you embark on a thrilling exploration trip in the city, consider Courtyard for your room reservation. Our elegant ambiance, beautiful decor, and warm hospitality are the regal experience you need. Other advantages you can relish at our facility include the following: 

  • Prime Location 

Since we nestle in the city's heart, maneuvering through the streets brings you to the best attractions. This unparalleled advantage brings you closer to the finest restaurants, tourist, and business hotspots.  

  • Spacious And Peaceful Accommodation 

After an exciting day in the thrilling city hotspots, you can rest cozy in our plush beds. The spacious rooms give you enough space to move without hassle and secure your luggage.  

  • Complimentary Services 

Our Wi-Fi access keeps you attached to the online world, whether for work, social media, news, or entertainment. If you come in your vehicle, you can park it without any charges in our parking. If you're with kids under 18, we won't charge for their occupancy. Further, you can get cribs to travel with babies securely and comfortably.  

  • Amenities To Unwind 

Our outdoor swimming pool with crystal-clear waters will keep you recharged. Similarly, our fitness center is open for our fitness enthusiast guests to access any time during the day. 

  • Laundry And Housekeeping 

The housekeeping staff at our facility will handle any mess and ensure a well-maintained and clean experience. Further, you can access our laundry services to get your clothes spotless. 

This list clarifies why luxury hotels like Courtyard need to be your accommodation choice. But now we'll jump into the unusual tourist spots in Vicksburg you can drive toward from our facility.  

Unearthing Vicksburg's Hidden Gems: A Comprehensive Guide 

Vicksburg hidden gems

The quirky tourist spots you should attend in Vicksburg include:

Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum 

Uncover the man behind the soda-pop revolution at this museum. Joseph Biedenharn's entrepreneurship excellence made Coca-Cola a worldwide mega-brand, with the simple idea of bottling this effervescent elixir. 

You'll unravel the following things here: 

  • Unearth the chronicles behind the Coca-Cola beverage, reaching the masses in bottles in 1894. 
  • A wealth of fascinating Coca-Cola advertisements 
  • Historic memorabilia 
  • The equipment type that Biedenharn used to bottle these beverages 

Visiting Hours At This Facility 

If you plan on visiting this museum to unravel these unusual soda pop facts, our open hours are: 

Monday to Saturday (9 AM - 5 PM) 

Sunday (1.30 PM - 4.30 PM) 

Grave Of Douglas The Confederate Camel  

Visiting the grave of Douglas the Confederate Camel offers a glimpse into the often-overlooked aspects of the Civil War, highlighting the role of animals in wartime and the enduring legacy of an unusual and beloved mascot. It's a fascinating historical site that adds a touch of curiosity to the Vicksburg experience. Here's how this place may intrigue you: 

  • You'll learn the story of the one-humped camel, acquired to serve as a beast of burden for the army.  
  • Douglas became an iconic and beloved mascot of the 43rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment for his gentle temperament and for entertaining the troops with his unusual appearance and behavior. 
  •  He was said to have been injured by a Union shell or cannonball, leading to his demise.  
  • His gravestone mentions that his regiment ate his remains due to the scarcity brought by the war. 

Important Things To Know 

Locate the path to the cemetery by making a right turn onto Lindsey St from Sky Farm Ave. Once you've passed the first intersection, you'll come across a cluster of graves adorned with Confederate flags on your left. To find Douglas' marker, the one featuring a camel, head to the right side of this cluster and look for it in the second row. 

U.S.S Cairo Gunboat 

The U.S.S. Cairo, an ironclad gunboat, was part of a fleet of seven substantial vessels crafted for deployment on significant rivers during the American Civil War. Here's all you can uncover while visiting this place during your stay at the family-friendly hotels: 

  • Uncover the historical significance attached to this formidable vessel. 
  • This City-class ship from the Civil War, constructed with iron and wood, marked the historic occasion of being the first vessel to succumb to an electrically triggered torpedo. 
  • Travelers to the Vicksburg National Military Park can see the remains of the USS Cairo in a museum setting.  
  • The artifacts recovered from the wreck and informative exhibits offer a glimpse into the life of Civil War sailors and the technology of the time. 

Crucial Considerations To Reach This Place 

The museum attached to U.S.S. Cairo is currently closed, but you can access the boat, outdoor exhibit area, and restrooms. 

Unraveling The Hidden Quirks With Courtyard 

After a thrilling and enriching day of uncovering Vicksburg's peculiar spots, Courtyard by Marriott offers the perfect retreat with its plush rooms in Vicksburg, MS. The ideal launching point to the offbeat Vicksburg adventures ends with the utmost relaxation and tranquility at our hotel. So, lean on us whenever you're in the mood for unforgettable and unique experiences that make this one-of-a-kind destination worth exploring. 

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1. How long does your fitness center remain open? 

Our guests are free to access our in-hotel fitness area from 6 AM to 11 PM. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the necessary equipment, which our staff consistently cleans and maintains.  

2. Do you have any kid-friendly policies or amenities? 

Yes, we allow complimentary stays for kids under 18 years of age and also provide cribs on first-cum-first-serve basis.  

3. What are the room services you offer to your guests? 

Our room services at Courtyard include the following: 

  • In-room features 

  • Plush bedding 

  • Accessibility 

  • Well-furnished 

  • Television and remote for entertainment 

  • Microwave 

  • Refrigerator 

  • Ironing amenities 

  • Hair dryer 

  • Coffee maker 

  • Clock Radio 

  • Ice machine 

These services help us offer the utmost convenience for a wholesome family or business trip. 

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