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Iconic Landmark Meant to be Seen to Believe

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit Vicksburg, Mississippi, one of the city’s most distinguished landmarks is the Old Court House Museum. Built-in 1858 as the Warren County Courthouse, the beautiful red-bricked structure has stood not only as a presiding seat of justice but also as a witness to history — both good and bad.

The Old Court House Museum has become a staple of Vicksburg’s historic downtown district. Visitors who come to the Mississippi River town enjoy the attraction’s wide array of exhibits and artifacts, which bring the area’s colorful history to life.

Standing Strong More Than A Century

No matter what type of history you’re into, the Old Court House Museum offers you a glimpse into the past that doesn’t disappoint.

If you’re paying good money to travel, it would be sorrowful if all you did was sit around in your hotel room. If you want to see some of the culture and history of a place, the best thing to do is visit a local museum. What better place to visit than a museum where you can see some of the histories that made Vicksburg one of the country’s foremost cities?

What’s Inside the Court Museum?

The bridge, which has been given the nickname “Old Main” by local residents, is an important piece of the town’s history. Originally, the building was constructed in 1857 as the Warren County Courthouse. The building housed many prominent trials of the time including that of Jeff Davis (no, not that Jeff Davis).

But what this sleepy space has that most other places don’t is history all around. The surrounding countryside could qualify as a National Park, with an estimated 600+ battlefields and monuments. And Vicksburg itself played a crucial role in the Civil War……..You can see for yourself with a visit to the museum in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

A Stunning Complement To Any Trip

Upon entering the museum, you’ll be given a headset that will narrate your tour experience. The headsets are conveniently powered through USB and offer both audio and visual aspects to the tour. While the audio aspect is very informative, I found the accented voice speaking in a Southern drawl to be a bit distracting to my enjoyment of the building.

We’ve gathered an eclectic collection of more than 130 one-of-a-kind works, meticulously handcrafted by the artists themselves. Each exhibit explores the relationship between form and function, creating a stunning visual display inside our beautiful neoclassical home.

The wheels are turning in my head. I have this thing for America’s South, not only because it serves as a great setting for fictional stories but also because it has such a fascinating history. Who knew that a simple word like “Hello” could spark up some interesting talking points in an intro?


Suite That Cherishes Your Footsteps

You know, sometimes when you get to the Courtyard by Marriott Vicksburg, you might think that it’s an example of a hotel that recalls the quote, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.” And she was right because our hotel was designed by experts who insisted on seeing each revision and won’t allow one uncouth thing to get past them.

So if you’re planning a wedding and want to make sure things are fun and exciting for everyone involved…come check out our new indoor courtyard! Courtyard Marriott in Vicksburg, Mississippi blurs any other suite because they provide a blend of modern amenities with a chic-fashioned southern charm. Together with each other, the Vicksburg suite blends relatively well with the Court Museum.

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