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Here is what you need to know about the Trellix – Smart Spaces IoT Platform from Cooper Lighting Solutions

Redefining how people work in and enjoy spaces with the all-in-one Trellix platform, which enables businesses and building operators to capture meaningful and actionable insights based on the data generated by WaveLinx sensors and connected luminaires.

Find solutions designed to meet the needs of modern workspaces 

Trellix is capable of collecting, storing, aggregating, and transmitting data, as well as offering an array of easy-to-use applications for managing and visualizing data.

Learn how your people use your space and build better collaboration spaces by using Trellix Insights.

With Trellix Lighting, you can create energy-efficient spaces across multiple floors, even across multiple sites, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Admin Tools to keep your system up-to-date and secure. Manage your users, devices, firmware, licenses, and more.

With Trellix Locate, you can track your assets in real-time and analyze their movements in real-time, which helps you optimize your workforce and work processes.

Trellix Exchange – By offering our partners and system integrators a standard interface based on an open standards standard, Trellix opens up new possibilities.

Benefits of Trellix – Smart Spaces IoT Platform

  • Optimising Assets & Operations – Understand your assets’ usage through real-time location data as well as allowing your workers to quickly locate their assets.
  • Save energy and cut your carbon footprint by making your building more energy efficient.
  • Managing assets in real time – Cut down on time spent finding critical stuff.
  • Using our real-time fault notification system, manage device health and errors before tenants do.
  • Management of Meeting Spaces – Use apps and digital signage to find and book meeting spaces.
  • Optimization of the workspace environment – Personalize the temperature, lighting, and more based on who’s in there.
  • Enhancement of the Tenant Experience – Provides tenants with access to the spaces and services provided within the establishment.

By sending real-time data to security systems, enhanced security is made possible by detecting intrusions post-working hours based on device occupancy. For more details visit

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